Welcome to the Pumpkin Vine Golf Course Thursday Night Men's League.

Message from the Egglestons
What a beautiful day! We just wanted to say thank you from the  bottom of our hearts to each one of you that played a role in Saturday's turnout. The golf outing was a big success and I know made dad feel extra loved - we can't thank you enough for the support. We are not only blessed to live in such a supportive community but to be members of several close knit supportive groups as well. Thank you, Pumpkin Vine Golf Course for providing the course, carts, and staff to make the day successful and to all the golf league members for showing your support. Thank you, ALL SPONSORS for your donations. I know dad was shocked to see the many many signs placed all over the course. Thank you to the two local sign companies who donated as well. Thank you, ALL BUISNESS' & INDIVUALS who donated items for the raffles and to be used as door prizes. Thank you, FAMILY & FRIENDS that came out to help the day of the event and also those who have reached out to us. Thank you, Jody Hall for organizing an outside fundraiser. Thank you, Jo Ruff,Lauren Conrad, Mike and Anita Kessler, Jennifer and Keith Myers for all your extra help prior to and on Saturday! And I’m sure there’s many many more who played a silent role in Saturday’s event - so thank you to you as well 😊 A HUGE THANK YOU TO TOM RUFF & FAMILY, WADE AND JILL DAVIS, LEE COAKLEY, JUSTIN KELLEY, JR SAVELY, AND JENNY MONK for organizing the event from start to finish. We fully understand the amount of time and effort that goes into making these things happen. There really aren't the right words to say thank you or show you the appreciation we felt. LOVE, THE EGGLESTON'S (SAM, SHELLY, MADISON & EMILIE) 💙🤍💙🤍💙🤍

Contact Justin below for info.

If you are a member, click here or the Access link above.

If you are a member and need the login/password for access, please email mstarr@starrinternet.com

League is divided into two nine or ten week halves. First half starts Mid-April, second half starts Mid-June, followed by end of season Calcutta, end of August.
You can play first, second, or both halves. League is also split into 8 man flights based on handicap. Fees are $65 per halve, plus green fees.

For more information, or to sign-up for 2023 season, contact Justin Kelley at: (740) 243-2474 or justind.kelley@hotmail.com